About Gerald Bagg

Gerald Bagg, an advertising industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Quigley-Simpson & Heppelwhite for over nine years. Known to many for pioneering the Brand Response advertising strategy, Gerald Bagg is a brand visionary who generates not only measurable, quantifiable growth for his clients, but also helps to promote overall brand awareness in the process.

As the strategic force behind Quigley-Simpson, Gerald Bagg has utilized brand response advertising to revolutionize communication planning and advertising, combining direct response advertising with fresh branding initiatives to craft unique, return on investment (ROI) focused campaigns for every client. Serving many widely known global brands, Quigley-Simpson helps advertisers to create one-to-one relationships with clients as well as create brand awareness and generate responses.

Gerald Bagg has been at the helm of Quigley-Simpson as it expanded its client service offerings to span television, digital media, print media, radio, out-of-home, search engine marketing, web design, and mobile advertising. While many clients choose to utilize all of Quigley-Simpson’s expert services for their advertising needs, the agency is also able to create campaigns specific to each client’s goals and focus on the services that will get the best results. The calculable ROI that Gerald Bagg’s brand response strategy has brought to these clients has helped make Quigley-Simpson one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in North America.

Aside from his work at Quigley-Simpson, Gerald Bagg is recognized as a leading voice on creating brand awareness and quantifiable results in advertising. He has been a frequent commentator and contributor on these topics, speaking to the press as well as on the speaking circuit.


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